Where to shop in Dubai?

Modern Dubai is synonymous with shopping; there is nothing like it that can't be bought here, from gold to electronics, clothes from the world's best designers and luxury items. The emirate is famous for its huge shopping malls, next to which are traditional souks or open-air markets where traders sell everything from spices to clothes to hand-woven rugs and carpets.

Shopping in Dubai

It seems that shopping in Dubai is a favorite pastime, not only for locals but also for tourists. During the hot summer months, when temperatures can exceed 50°C, air-conditioned malls offer shelter from the scorching sun and pervasive heat. It should also be added that most local malls offer much more than just shopping. Visitors will find a wide range of dining options as well as many activities for children, including giant shark aquariums and theme parks.

It is also worth mentioning that Dubai is famous for its many commercial festivals that are held regularly. The most famous one, attracting thousands of shoppers from all over the world, is the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), which starts every year in January and lasts for a month. In addition to shopping and thousands of prizes to be won in various contests, the festival offers much more to participants. The festival hosts concerts, cultural events, fashion shows and outdoor sports performances. Another annual event that has made the city world famous is Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), which lasts for a month in early summer. DSS is very popular with locals because of its exciting shopping and entertainment offerings for the whole family.

However, regardless of these festivals, tourists from all over the world come to Dubai to shop all year round. Below are seven of the most popular shopping destinations for tourists and local residents to cater to a wide variety of shoppers' needs.

Shopping malls in Dubai

Despite the fact that Dubai has a large number of malls of all sizes, the Dubai Mall is by far the most impressive facility of its kind. It's not just an ordinary mall, it's a veritable mini-city with more than a thousand stores from various industries, a spectacular waterfall, a huge aquarium, an Olympic ice rink and an impressive number of restaurants offering food from around the world. Brands such as Marks & Spencer, Parisian Galeries Lafayette, Debenhams and DKNY have their stores there.

It was also here that the first branch of the legendary Bloomingdale's store was opened outside the United States. In addition to the fabulous stores and art galleries, the Dubai Mall is attracted by the famous fountains which, combined with music and lights, offer a spectacular show.

Gold Market - Deira Gold Souk

The market is located in the heart of the historic part of the city, near the Dubai Creek. Deira was the place where merchants from all over the world used to distribute their wares centuries ago. Today, the Gold Souk is dotted with hundreds of stores selling gold; you'll find literally everything you can dream of, from gold jewelry to gold bars at unbeatable prices. Currently, the old souk with small traditional stores is next to the modern souk, which is located in a two-story building.

Be sure to spend plenty of time shopping, as it is worthwhile to walk from booth to booth, learn about the richness of the offerings, and choose the products that have the best value. Don't be afraid to haggle; most vendors have a similar assortment, so you can tell them you saw the same product in a different store at a better price.

Textile market - Bur Dubai Souk

On the other side of Dubai Creek is another large market, famous for its amazing array of colorful fabrics and textiles, mostly from India and the Far East. And while the market itself isn't particularly pretty, it's worth spending some time there if you want to buy interesting fabrics or unique clothes at a good price. Here you can get completely lost among the rolls of the finest silk, breathable cotton and even exotic palm leaf fabrics. Take the purchased fabric to one of the local tailors, who will create a unique custom-made outfit for you in just a few days. This is definitely one of the best ways to bring a truly unique souvenir from Dubai.

Global Village

Near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Street, there is a seasonal shopping and entertainment center with many pavilions where you can get a variety of products from around the world. There is a real carnival atmosphere here that attracts crowds of tourists from November to March. In addition to shopping, visitors can enjoy a host of other attractions: great live shows, daring aerial acrobatics, performances by international artists, fireworks and booths with food from around the world. Each pavilion features crafts and products from a different country. If you go during the last week before closing, you can count on discounted shopping.

Al Fahidi

Since Dubai is a tax-free country, electronics are much cheaper here than in other countries. Al Fahidi is lined with countless electronics stores selling computers, laptops, cameras and household items including refrigerators, washing machines and irons. Remember to ask for an international warranty and check voltage requirements when purchasing any electronic equipment.


In one of the oldest parts of the city, just above the Dubai Creek, is a residential area to visit if you want to bring gifts to the Dubai family or buy unique souvenirs. Karama is an incredible place for those looking for real commercial treasures. You'll find intricately carved candlesticks, handicrafts from all over the Persian Gulf region, but also small souvenirs that won't break the bank when you buy them.

Shopping in Dubai is a unique experience. Whether you're buying designer clothes in one of the luxury mall boutiques or knick-knacks in one of the traditional souks. Shopping is one of the pleasures not to be missed in Dubai.